Flight Simulator Games – How to Get Started!

Flight simulator games are more popular than ever. Their sheer realism give us the ability to experience what it actually feels like to pilot some of the world’s most amazing aircraft.

We understand that most of you are here to find the best flight simulator so you can take to the skies and start flying ASAP.

Getting started with a new flight simulator is actually really quick and easy. Follow our 3 steps and you can start flying – completely for free – in around 5 minutes from now.

  • Step #1 - Take a look at this popular, realistic free flight simulator game which was recently awarded ‘Best Simulation Game‘. (The simulator’s official site will open in a separate window)
  • Step #2 - Quickly set up a free user account using your Facebook, Gmail or by using the red ‘Sign Up’ button
  • Step #3 -  Press, play game to access and install your new flight simulator game!

This is a fantastic and easy way for all PC gamers to get started with an award-winning plane simulator without spending a dime!

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Want to See a Popular Flight Simulator Game in Action?

Those who are 100% new to flight simulator games should watch the short video below.

It is an incredibly detailed user review for one of the highest-selling airplane simulator games. It contains some real in-game footage that will give you a great idea of the standard of quality you should expect from modern flight simulators!

Learn How to Find the Best Flight Simulator Games

New plane flight simulator pilots who are yet to takeoff for the first time have got a lot to be excited about!

Not many other PC games can match the ultra-realism and heart-pumping adrenaline that the best flight simulator makes you feel each and every time you climb into the cockpit.

The attention-to-detail in the high-quality helicopter simulator games needs to be seen to be believed. All the aircraft – from a modern-day Boeing to a World War II combat fighter jet – are accurately recreated and everything from the flight controls right through to the real-time weather conditions are incredibly impressive.

Each of the articles you’ll find here on this site will give you an even better understanding of exactly where to find high quality flight simulator games so you always best and ignore the rest!

Discover the Features That Define High Quality Flight Simulator Gamesbest quality flight simulator games stamp

It’s important to know how to spot the best flight simulator games from low quality pieces of flight simulator software. Choosing the wrong one can dramatically alter the experience you have when you take your first flight.

Picking a bad flight sim means you miss out on realistic graphics, stunning scenery and more fantastic features. Naturally, this will leave you with an empty wallet and feeling more than a just little disappointed.

Alternatively, picking up the best flight sim to suits your needs will give you a satisfying experience which, after all, is exactly why you’re buying a flight simulator to begin with, right?

If you’re serious about getting the most out of your flight simulator games, then we recommend you start by reading our latest flight simulator articles:

We believe that reading through these articles and blog posts will help you to answer the burning question, ‘what is the best flight simulator?‘ Knowledge is power and these articles will hopefully give you the insight you need to make an educated decision!

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