Virtual Pilot 3D Review

We take a closer look at Virtual Pilot 3D, one of the most talked-about modern flight simulator games available today!

virtual pilot 3D review header imageThere aren’t too many flight simulator games in recent memory that have created as much online buzz as Virtual Pilot 3D. This affordable airplane simulator has generated a loyal following of fans on the back of its ultra-realistic graphics and the impressive selection of aircraft.

You’ll find that many of the Virtual Pilot 3D Reviews online are overwhelmingly positive and have users from all across the world shouting the praises of this incredibly realistic flight simulator.

So, instead of simply rehashing the words of others to create our own Virtual Pilot 3D Review, we thought we’d take a moment and compile some of this simulator’s pros and the cons. We’ve based them on the opinions of people who, after playing Virtual Pilot 3D, were so impressed that they felt compelled to share their feedback.


Virtual Pilot 3D Review: The Good

  • Two Versions Means It Suits All Budgets – Virtual Pilot 3D is available in two versions; the standard and the Deluxe. While the standard is slightly cheaper, it only comes with one scenery pack made up of the San Francisco Bay Area. The Deluxe pack,  however, offers access to every continent and major city around the world. Having two packages on offer means that price isn’t much of a barrier for those looking to buy their first flight simulator. (Our readers get a huge 56% discount on the Deluxe pack.)


  • Professionally Recreated Cockpits – According to the game’s official website, every cockpit in Virtual Pilot 3D and the instruments within them are 100% accurate and have been modeled on real-world aircraft. Having this high level of accuracy and realism means that you get the real experience of how it feels to actually fly each plane. That perhaps the #1 feature you should be looking for in a flight simulator game.  
  • Impressively Realistic Scenery and Weather – This plane simulator game has made use of Google Maps to create 3D, real-life terrain. The level of detail is impressive; you can even see car headlights on major highways below when you’re up and flying at night. You have the choice in Virtual Pilot 3D to either manually select the weather conditions yourself or, alternatively, you can select to use the NOAA weather service so the in-game conditions you see are real-time reflections of the real-world weather conditions in your current location!


  • Free Monthly Updates – New planes, helicopters, maps and scenery options are made available to download each month, completely free of charge. This is a part of the VIP membership that every Virtual Pilot 3D customer receives upon purchasing the game. When you think of just how many modern PC games charge you for upgrades and add-ons, the value on offer here becomes even clearer.


Virtual Pilot 3D Review: The Bad

  • Slow Customer Support – We’ve heard various people online mention that they’ve waited up to 4-5 days to receive a response from the Virtual Pilot 3D ticketed customer service system. When submitted a test ticket while researching this review, we waited a little under 48 hours for a response. It’s understandable that a popular flight simulator with a smaller-sized development team might be a little overwhelmed but this response time is far from ideal.


  • Large Installation Download File – The Virtual Pilot 3D installation file that you download after finalizing your purchase weighs in at a little over 470MB. Those of you with a solid internet connection might not have a problem but those with slower connections might have to wait a while until they’re able to install the program and take to the skies!


  • It’s Suited More for Beginners – If you’ve been a flight simulator fan for years, you will still get a lot of entertainment out of Virtual Pilot 3D. There no doubting though, that this simulator is much better suited to newcomers looking for their first airplane game. The detailed, in-game tutorials that are present for each aircraft only further highlight the fact that this is a very beginner-friendly flight sim.


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 Virtual Pilot 3D Review: The Video

To wrap things up we thought we’d share with you what we think is a great video review of Virtual Pilot 3D.

We’re confident the pros and cons we’ve listed above will have given you a good idea of what to expect from Virtual Pilot 3D but often seeing is believing. So if you’re tired of searching through all of the written reviews online and would prefer just to see a real flight simulator in action then take a look at the clip below.

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